Inspiring a new generation of sustainable farmers in Malawi

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  • February 26, 2021
Halcrow Foundation Tiyeni Farming Malawi

Halcrow Foundation continues to fund Tiyeni’s farming project in Manyamula, Malawi, which trains and supports farmers in the deep bed method of farming.

Innocent Moyo, 23, is a youth farmer from Chapamba Moyo village, and benefits from the Halcrow Foundation-funded project. After attending a field day organised by farmers last year, he adopted deep bed farming on his own land. The results have been so impressive, that his crops have been selected for display during a public field day in March, organised by Government Agricultural staff.

Climate change

The deep bed method helps farmers like Innocent adapt to climate change, by improving drainage, controlling soil erosion and improving soil fertility. While other crops struggle with increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, deep bed farming crops show resilience and produce at least double the harvest.

This is Innocent’s first season using the new method, and he has begun by cultivating a small plot of 0.2 hectares. His young age means he is a role model, and he hopes to inspire other youth farmers to try deep bed farming to increase their own crops.

Changing lives

Innocent believes that if many other young farmers adopt deep bed farming methods, it can change their lives. A bigger harvest means greater food security, and better access to healthcare and education. This helps to break the cycle of poverty for their own families and for future generations.

About Tiyeni

Tiyeni formed in 2005. Its goal is to combat hunger and poverty throughout Malawi through soil and water conservation, and implementing rural farming methods that enable optimum food production from the land. For more information, visit


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