As an organisation, we are committed to openness and transparency.

We believe it’s extremely important that we’re accountable to our funding partners, delivery partners, project sponsors, volunteers, supporters, and host communities. These documents will help you understand the vision and values that shape what we do; the standards we measure ourselves and others against and the progress we’ve made. 

Our policies and procedures

Code of conduct

We are judged by how we act. It is vital that our behaviour matches our intentions.

Halcrow Foundation representatives are expected to comply with this code of practice – acting as ethical role models. Any representative who does not comply will not be allowed to continue to act on behalf of the Foundation, and will be asked to resign from his/her representative role.

The Halcrow Foundation will take such action it considers appropriate in relation to any failure to comply with this code, including reporting the actions of the representative to their employers or the relevant authorities.

Our objectives

The way in which we deliver our objects defines not only who we are, but also what we are, and this means the foundation must be ethically, environmentally and socially responsible in all we do, acting honestly and fairly in our dealings with everyone.

Our objectives are:

  • The relief of poverty of people and communities anywhere in the world that are suffering hardship as a result of drought, earthquake, flood or any other disaster or who, by reason of their social and economic conditions, are in need of assistance.
  • The relief of sickness, hardship and distress, particularly the development of education, health and other social services, the improvement of transport infrastructure, water supplies and other communal facilities and the promotion of self-help activities amongst those people or communities.

Our beneficiaries

The legitimate needs of our beneficiaries are the primary driving force of our charity, subject always to the overriding requirement that we shall always act with the highest integrity and with due regard for the principles of sustainable development.

Where a project fulfils the foundation’s criteria but appears contrary to the interests of society or the environment, we shall make the implementers aware of this and as a condition of funding require them to alter their plans.

If we become aware that the implementer of a project is involved in corrupt or fraudulent practices, or will have no choice but to offer bribes in order to implement a project, we will not fund the project. If the project has already commenced, we will terminate our funding. Furthermore Halcrow Foundation reserves the right to report such actions to the appropriate authorities as it thinks fit or to take such further action as it considers appropriate.


We aim to conduct our business in a socially responsible manner with due regard for local customs, needs and preferences and observing the laws of the country in which we operate, as well as English

Our funds

We have a duty to use our funds efficiently and effectively and in pursuit of our stated objectives in an open and accountable way, and to use all reasonable means to ensure that implementers do the same.

Operational integrity

Bribery of any form is unacceptable. No representative may use, offer, give or receive any gift or payment, which is intended to be or may be construed as, a bribe.

While we recognise that limited corporate hospitality is given and received as part of building relationships, representatives should avoid accepting hospitality or gifts which might actually, or appear to place them under an obligation.

No undisclosed or unrecorded account, fund or asset shall be established or maintained, and proper and full records must be made of all transactions on behalf of the foundation. Supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions.

Where relevant, representatives must avoid any conflicts of interest between their personal activities and their work for the foundation.

The environment

We take seriously our responsibilities to conduct our operations with proper regard for the environment.

Halcrow Foundation projects will be implemented in an environmentally sensitive manner as far as it is consistent with the needs of the beneficiaries.

Where an implementer commits to an environmental enhancement as part of the project, we will use all reasonable means to ensur

Personal conduct

We expect honesty, openness and courtesy from all representatives in their dealings for the foundation. This means we must all act in an ethical, honest and professional way and respect the dignity and human rights of the people we work with.

We expect all representatives to report promptly to the charity any violations of law (whether UK or local), ethical principles or foundation policies that come to their attention, and to co-operate fully in any audit, enquiry, review or investigation by the charity.

We will require all representatives of the foundation to confirm that they agree to act in accordance with this code of practice.


  • Beneficiaries – the people and communities that ultimately benefit from the work of the Halcrow Foundation.
  • Representatives – those people acting on behalf of the foundation, in any capacity, including trustees, project sponsors, non-governmental organisations or other charities, which are implementing the project on the ground.
  • Project sponsors – those people who put forward a proposal and/or monitor the project’s progress on behalf of the foundation.

Implementer’s responsibilities

In addition to signing a contract committing them to implement the project as agreed, we expect project implementers to sign the following code of practice.