Supporting fuel-saving stove businesses in rural Ethiopia

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  • February 23, 2021
Halcrow Foundation Action Ethiopia

Halcrow Foundation is improving the livelihoods of 300 women and their families, by supporting fuel-saving stove businesses in Metema Woreda, Ethiopia.

Working with Action Ethiopia and its sister organisation, Sunarma, we’re funding small businesses in three rural communities to produce fuel-saving stoves. As an alternative to open fires, the stoves create less smoke and improve air quality and personal safety in homes. The fires also use less firewood, which reduces forest deprivation and saves time spent collecting wood for charcoal.

Financial security

The businesses will be run by women and be formally registered, which gives the women access to a savings and credits system, and a degree of financial security.

The project will also enable rural communities to earn income from harvesting frankincense and myrrh, while protecting the natural environment. It builds on a three-year Comic Relief-funded programme to protect forests in north-western Ethiopia that provide protection from the Sahara.

Combatting Covid-19

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak in Ethiopia, Halcrow Foundation is also working with Sunarma to increase the capacity of local health centres. Our funding has provided medical supplies, personal protective equipment and training to three centres and 20 healthcare workers, benefitting rural communities around Metema Woreda.

About Action Ethiopia and Sunarma

Action Ethiopia and Sunarma were both established in 2000 in response to the extreme challenges faced by small-scale farmers and the natural environment. The charities focus on three remote project areas in Ethiopia: Wof Washa, Gurage, Wuchale & Jidda. For more information, visit


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