Opening up education at a community learning centre in Zambia

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  • September 8, 2023
Baraka Community Partnerships playground

We continue to fund a popular community learning centre in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, helping it to achieve nearly 20,000 visits in 2022. Baraka Community Partnerships built the centre in Kapiri Mposhi District in 2018 with help from Halcrow Foundation, and we’ve supported projects to expand and improve it since then. The latest project adds learning areas, extends the playground and builds an outdoor kitchen. This means the centre can extend its wide range of free classes and workshops which include IT and adult literacy. The new outdoor library area also serves as a stage for a dance club which attracted 500 people to its talent show. A cooking club is held in the outdoor kitchen where adults can learn kitchen hygiene, recipes and environmentally friendly cooking methods.  

Our funding also added a basket swing, sandpit and fencing to the playground, which is used for sports and exercise classes. This brings more families to the centre where they are more likely to try the wide range of lessons and activities on offer.  

Baraka Community Partnerships playground

What the children say 


I feel happy every time I am swinging because it feels as though someone is lifting me up. My mood changes when everyone else is laughing. 


I enjoy the slide because I feel great when I move from the top to down in seconds. It’s fun! 


The playground area is an interesting place because everyone is happy. They give turns to give chances to others. 

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