Bakko Primary School was in great need of new classrooms to reduce class sizes and improve the health of the pupils and teachers. With limited finances the existing classrooms were in disrepair and no longer fit for purpose. The classroom conditions and a lack of a reliable source of water was a real hardship for the pupils and teachers, and this had a significant negative impact on their health and education.

To help alleviate these issues, the Halcrow Foundation provided funding for four new sustainable classrooms and a water supply for drinking and washing.

In addition to supporting the school, the project has also helped to improve the living standards of the surrounding communities and local environment through the promotion of appropriate sustainable technologies, specifically ‘mud technology’ and promoting good hygiene practices. Advocating the use of an alternate construction material rather than traditionally using wood is helping to reduce the pressure on local natural resources, and mitigate associated problems such as the loss of valuable topsoil.

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