Halcrow Foundation’s call to the engineering community to make a difference

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  • February 8, 2017

Established in early 2005, the Halcrow Foundation is an independent charity that works to alleviate poverty and hardship in the UK, Asia and Africa.

The charity has undergone a radical transformation over the past two years following the sale of Halcrow, the corporate entity.

David Kerr, chair of the Halcrow Foundation, explains: “We have long had a strong vision and track record of finding and funding practical and impactful projects to alleviate poverty across the UK and around the globe.

“When the Halcrow Group was acquired a few years ago, we were prompted to review our role as an organisation, the purpose of our work, sources of funding and where we feel we can make the biggest difference.

‘We now have an ambitious new strategy, substantial funds, and a supporting business plan, which draws heavily upon our past experience and the lessons we have learnt from over a decade of successful operation.”

The charity wants to engage with the engineering community to bring further transformative and sustainable change to the lives of people in great need. It is keen to partner with businesses and charities, leveraging its own funds to achieve a greater positive impact.

“We are looking forward to the new era in the work of the Foundation and anticipate that with partnerships and funds from like-minded organisations we will be able to continue with the good works we all believe in for many years to come.”

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