Build It International health centre new roof

Halcrow Foundation has worked with with Build It International since 2019, supporting education and sanitation projects in Zambia. In 2022 we helped rebuild the Libuyu Health Centre in Livingstone, Zambia. Before the project, the centre was in a run-down state and deteriorating fast, with cramped facilities that offered little privacy for patients. Its buildings were not fit for purpose and some sections were over 30 years old. The number of patients has risen dramatically over the years and healthcare services, including maternity, were squeezed into cramped facilities. Following the success of our past projects with Build It International, we agreed to help the UK-based charity rebuild the centre by funding a safe, watertight roof. 

The facility benefits 30,000 people from the Libuyu community and surrounding areas, and staff had to ensure the delivery of vital healthcare services continued during the large-scale project. Our funds paid for removing the old roof, which was in a very poor condition, and replacing it with a safe, watertight new one. This had to be done in sections during the dry seasons and included new trusses and sheeting as well as ceiling boards across the entire building. After the project, the health centre has new consultancy, treatment and examination rooms; laboratories; pharmacy space; separate wards for men, women and children, and sanitation facilities including upgraded toilets and showers.      

“Before the building behind there was squeezed but now we have enough space to do our activities. We are very happy,” said Matimba Mweemba, MCH Nurse at Libuyu Health Centre.

Build It International health centre nursing students

Nursing students continued to work through the large-scale building project.