Helping UK homeless people find homes and improve their lives

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  • October 3, 2017

The Halcrow Foundation is funding a loan scheme for homeless people in the UK through the charity Streets2Homes.

The scheme helps to secure accommodation for people who want to leave their life on the streets, but can’t afford the deposit that landlords require. Streets2Homes guarantees the initial deposit for rented accommodation and supplies tenancy support, which makes landlords more willing to let their properties. Individuals can then repay the loans at a rate they can afford.

Having accommodation is seen as a key stepping stone to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of people who are homeless, as well as opening up new life opportunities for them. People supported by the Halcrow Foundation-funded loan scheme are also given access to training opportunities provided by Streets2Homes.

Streets2Homes is a homeless charity based in Harlow, Essex, and works on a one-to-one basis providing individuals with support in accessing social services and finding accommodation. It also gives training in basic skills to promote employment opportunities, and ongoing counselling and support.

This loan scheme continues on from the earlier deposit loan guarantee scheme which was also funded by the Halcrow Foundation, building on its experience and benefiting from the growing number of landlords who now work with Strets2Homes as a result of its success.


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