Halcrow Foundation partners

The Halcrow Foundation is an independent charity created by Halcrow, once one of the UK’s largest engineering consultancies. Since Halcrow was sold in 2011, the Halcrow Foundation continues to embody the spirit of the company and its staff by working in partnership with established charities and NGOs to bring sustainable improvement to the quality of life for people around the world.

Why become a Halcrow Foundation partner

Our co-funders and project partners are our strongest supporters and charitable groups feel confident working with us. Our partners know that their contribution, whatever it may be, will make a real difference to people’s lives now and in the future.

As a partner, organisations that share our values create huge opportunities to achieve corporate social responsibility (CSE) goals, boost employee engagement and enhance their reputation.

The Halcrow Foundation links corporate donors with charities and delivery partners on projects that are well researched, planned and supported. Together, we offer more than short-term financial assistance, delivering improvements that bring lasting change.

When working constructively in partnership with like-minded organisations our impact is greater. Our partnerships have clear strategic objectives that reflect the aims of both partners and are managed in a transparent and effective manner. These partnerships help us to realistically achieve defined and sustainably transformative outcomes.

Some of our latest projects

Build It International health centre new roof

Helping rebuild a community health centre in Zambia

September 8, 2023

SPEAR community development programme

Helping vulnerable people in the UK live more independent lives

September 7, 2022

Zambia Orphans Aid Twavwane Community School, Lusaka

Improving schools and nutrition for school children in Zambia

September 7, 2022

Tumaini from the WAMBOMA Co-operative at her home in Tanzania.

Helping women farmers access market opportunities in Tanzania

July 4, 2022

Traidcraft Exchange Halcrow Foundation

Improving farm management and food security in West Bengal

December 6, 2021

MicroLoan Foundation meeting

Empowering women to create better lives for their families in rural Zambia

June 12, 2020

SEED Empowerment Campus

Helping children with special needs in Sri Lanka

April 23, 2020

Children at Chitukuko School

Improving education and employment opportunities for young people in Zambia

April 23, 2020

Women's Economic Empowerment Programme

Supporting The Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme

December 3, 2019

Who we work with

We work with organisations that share our values and with whom we can establish a relationship to deliver projects jointly within our targeted sectors and geography. We have three types of partner:

  • Members of the engineering community An organisation or company that is able to contribute technical skills, knowledge and human and financial resources complimentary to the soft skills (education, social and so on) that many of our potential funding partners are focused on, opening the door to a more comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing beneficiary needs.
  • Funding partners An organisation, probably charitable, that can work collaboratively with the Halcrow Foundation over a number of years to address a clear, defined set of community development needs. The foundation has long established relationships working with the British Asian Trust and the Prince’s Regeneration Trust. Click on the images to the right to view some of our joint projects.
  • Other organisations An organisation that can commit funds to the Halcrow Foundation for a particular project or programme without being directly involved in its implementation or management.

Become a partner

We undertake due diligence on our potential partners and ensure that they operate in a financially sound manner and in alignment with our values and ethical approach.

Normally, we enter into an agreement with our partners. In this regard, we view a “partnership” as:

A time-bound agreement to work together with another organisation (funder or charity) to achieve a clearly defined goal and outcomes that are consistent with our strategic aims, and which may involve one or more projects to achieve that goal and those outcomes.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or want to find out more please contact us.

For more information and details of how our partnership agreements work, please read our Partnership Policy.