Our journey

Since the beginning in 2005, the Halcrow Foundation has been a registered charity with independent status. Its funding streams came almost entirely from Halcrow employees and the company, in the form of up to 1 per cent of annual profits.

During its first eight years, the foundation was very closely linked to Halcrow, benefitting from a wealth of additional support, including administrative, communication, secretariat and finance services, as well as the use of premises.

The charity was originally set up to enable Halcrow staff to directly help people whose lives had been decimated by the Asian tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. Over the coming years the foundation broadened its remit to help people and communities all around the world that were suffering from poverty and hardship.

In 2012 the company Halcrow was acquired by CH2MHILL. Without ongoing corporate support from Halcrow, the foundation became fully independent. In 2015 the foundation became the final beneficiary of the Halcrow Trust. This means that the charity has financial stability for the long term, able to make a real difference to people suffering hardship and poverty around the world in perpetuity.

This is the Halcrow legacy.