Sustainable financing

We are acknowledged as a professional independent charity that works hard to ensure a financially sound and sustainable funding base.

Our project-led approach provides meaningful and measureable outcomes, ensuring the transparent and responsible use of our funds. Our beneficiaries and partners know that we have the financial strength and stability to always honour our commitments. We are respected for channelling our funds directly to communities in need, minimising local overhead costs and risk.

Funding sources

  • Halcrow Trust – we invest and manage in a sustainable manner funds from the Halcrow Trust
  • Corporate funds – we receive supplementary funding from companies in the engineering and construction sector
  • Charity partners with like-minded objectives

View annual accounts for period ending 31 December 2017 and 31 December 2018
View the Halcrow Foundation page on the Charity Commission website.


Overview of accounts

Financial year end (FYE) Income Spending
31 Dec 2018 £190,434 £333,673
31 Dec 2017 £168,673 £184,889
31 Dec 2016 £1,026,183 £408,225
31 Dec 2015 £4,225,358 £14,480
31 Dec 2014 £6,590 £52,935